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Top Seven Questions Every Landlord Asks

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Top Seven Questions Every Landlord Asks

Just as for a tenant, it is important to find the property of their liking. The landlords need to get the right tenants as well. The wrong tenant can cost landlords a great deal. Hence, almost every landlord is careful when selecting the tenants. Here are few questions that almost every landlord asks and what they mean:

1. Reason for moving: Almost every landlord asks your reason for moving to his place. This information provides them useful information about the circumstances of the potential tenant. Usually, logical reasons such as moving because you needed more space or as a result of your job promotion are good answers. Considering its opposite, for example, being evicted from the last property as a result of damaging the place might not work in your favor.

2. Level of Income: Most of the landlords ask about the tenant’s income. It is done to find out that whether a tenant will be able to afford the rent every month or not. Some landlords do not directly ask about the income but instead ask for the occupation to make an estimate of your finances.

3. Time: Landlords are always interested in renting their place as soon as possible. Hence, are also keen to ask their tenants about when they want to move to the rented place? They expect the tenant to move as soon as possible, to not lose the chance of earning rent for a certain week or month.

4. Lifestyle: Although most of us do not want to be asked about our private lives, often landlords inquire about our social life. What are your hobbies? Do you organize parties? All of these questions are important to them as they might not find someone with active social life or music player tenant suitable for their place.

5. Advance rent and deposit: For landlords, anyone who has a problem paying their deposit and advance rent is not desirable. Hence, from the start, they need to rent someone who pays their deposit on time.

6. Information related to pets: Most landlords ask about whether you have a pet or not? Recently more and more landlords acquire this information as some pets might not be suitable for the property.

7. Asking about guarantor: Recently, due to the covid-19 pandemic, Landlords have utilized the need of a guarantor more than ever. If any of the potential tenants has a rental guarantor, he is preferred more than the other. Landlords look for tenants with secure jobs and if someone has a safety net of a rental guarantor behind them, it gives aversion from all the risks for the landlords.


There can be plenty of other questions as well, but keeping some of these in mind can help tenants prepare in a better way for renting a house. From many other letting agencies operating in London, Home Solutions is one such real estate and letting agency that can help landlords in asking the right questions to find the perfect tenants. It can be said that asking good questions and getting good tenants go together.