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Landlord Services

Why should I trust Landlord Services?

Landlord services is one of the best online valuation services of the UK. We have a well-qualified team of experts that can assist you with letting and property management services. Don’t worry if you’re an accidental, new, or an experienced landlord with a large portfolio, put your faith in us and let us find you the best deal. Our proficient knowledge and experience of 10 years can help you find the most ideal value of property in a certain time period. Not only this, we also tailor exceptional marketing schemes if you wish to rent a room, HMO or property.

Marketing Strategy

We have a competent team that improves your chances to find the right tenant for your property at our earliest. The property rental ads are not only advertised at our website but also at other platforms like Zoopla, Primelocation, and OntheMarket, Social Media including





We also have an extensive database of tenants actively looking for a home. Our proficient marketing strategies have pleased thousands of clients, and we’re their number-one choice.

Easy Access to Tenants

Landlord services is the clear choice of tenants who are looking for professional and private tenants. The rental payment process is prompt and automated via the BACS payment system direct into your nominated bank account. We conduct regular reviews with our landlords to evaluate their portfolio and tenancies to ensure that we are helping to achieve maximum rental income and a seamless rental.

Why to Choose Us?

Rental and Property Management

If you’re considering to rent your property and expect a good return, then book a free rental valuation session with us. We will be managing your property for that whole time period, leaving you stress-free. You will not be burdened with unoccupied property or searching for tenants. Even if your property is vacant, you will still get paid, and we ensure great rental yields.

Property inspection

Over the course of the period, your property is quarterly inspected quarterly by Home solutions London. A detailed inspection is conducted, and the report is sent to you to ensure that your property is well-maintained by us.

HMO & Licensing

On behalf of the landlord, Home Solutions London apply for the necessary licences. Landlord services diligently advice the customers throughout this process and makes sure that the terms and conditions are not breached.

Market Exposure

We ensure that your property is marketed at all the popular portals to receive the best deal. Our marketing team is quite active in this regard, and we offer the best contract to our clients.

Inventory Management

We compile detailed property condition and inventory reports which contains all the information related to fittings, fixture and furniture. This document is presented as a part of the contract when the commencement of tenancy takes place and agrees to take care of the items in the current condition. Electricity, water and gas meters are thoroughly checked and confirmed in writing from the utility companies. It is vital for you to inform us if your property possesses an electric or card meter or a smart key is used. Then, we can forward the details of tenants to the relevant utility companies.

What is HMO?

HMO (house multiple occupation) is a house or an apartment occupied by three or more people who do not form a single household. Such a household includes foster parents, single people or couples (married, civil partnership, cohabiting). In such a house setting (HMO), a kitchen and bathroom is shared.

Types of property licence

There are three types of private property licences, namely, mandatory, selective and multiple licence

Mandatory HMO Licence

Such a licence is required if one is renting out a property that has five or more people from two or more households. They share different facilities together like the bathroom, kitchen and toilet.

Selective HMO licence

Such type of licence is not directly related to HMO. Sometimes, schemes are introduced in low demand housing societies with significant anti-social behavior issues. Even if the properties are privately rented, such properties are required to be licenced as selective HMO, regardless if the property is not an HMO.

Multiple HMO licence

Such an HMO licence is an HMO which does not require a mandatory HMO licence. The HMO is occupied by 3 or 4 people who are not related to one another and share the basic facilities together.

Marketing Strategy